I would like to propose a session on how the U.S. government can help  create programs that grow the digital humanities environment.  Currently there are publicly funded organizations such as the National Endowment for the Humanities (NEH), however  the implementation of more organizations and programs  that specifically focus on digital humanities could enable others to discover and learn about  more about the field. Additionally this could lead to research and studies that  enable us to find new  innovative ways of using digital humanities within different industries.

Right  now everyone is pretty much aware that there are many unresolved  ongoing issues regarding the federal budget, however if we properly invest I believe that we will definitely receive a great return on investment. I  also suppose  that the bigger question is how to manage the programs to make sure that they are not only able  sustain, but also effectively utilizing the taxpayers dollars.

I may not have all  the answers to the questions I have proposed,  but i do have a few suggestions to bring to the table. I believe that we all will have something to contribute if this session is implemented and I’m looking forward to meeting  and discussing these issues with all of you.